The Mexican soccer teams have been consists of the best players in Mexico. Though they do not possess as many prizes compared to the teams of Brazil and Argentina, the Mexican gamers are considered one of the best in regards to unique techniques and strategies. The Mexican group still managed to establish their best and gained the appreciation of the countless fans all over the world.

Together with the skills and efforts of the players, the Mexican soccer teams were able to win a lot of achievements in the sport. Liga MX is the top level of the Mexican football league system has two seasons one in summer, and other in winter. As of 2017, the league comprises 18 clubs. Among the accomplishments of the Mexican group in the World Cup, and other international tournament includes:

Achievement Of Mexican National Soccer Team

  1. They were able to make the lead when they were able to conquer El Salvador and Belgium.
  2. Mexico hosted the 1986 World Cup. The Mexican group was able to create it on top as soon as the triumph against Belgium, Iraq, and Bulgaria.
  3. The calendar year 1990 was a turning point for the team.
  4. The 2002 World Cup was just another success of the national team when they managed to make it to the finals.
  5. The Mexican team had been actively engaging different international competitions in spite of the fact they simply have a few winnings. For the Mexican team, it isn’t all about winning, but the main thing for them is that the passion and love of the sport.
  6. Their high spirits remained and had continuously helped in promoting the gorgeous sport for their countrymen.



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